A New Post for a New Book – “They Just Know” Is Here

I can’t believe we are already over half way thru the year and i am only now writing my first post of 2015.  Then again, maybe not so surprising… i’ve been a pretty lax blogger over the years. Considering how much i love writing (and talking) about the whole drawing/illustrating process it’s odd that i’m so pokey about posting new thoughts and stories.  I guess part of the problem is – i always feel i should be doing something else more work-related.  But promoting a new book IS work related isn’t it? So, to that end, allow me to introduce “They Just Know – Animal Instincts” (written by Robin Yardi, Illustrated by – ME)!

Cover of "They Just Know"

As always there are all sorts of fun Behind-the-Art background stories to tell, and the author Robin Yardi asked me all kinds of questions about the illustrations for her blog, The Nonfiction Nook, which i will share, but that will have to come later (but by later i really mean sooner rather than literally a long time from now), this entry is just to introduce the book with a few news-y items and announce some up-coming Book Signings.

By way of a quick little introductory synopsis let me quote from the Kirkus Review (because it’s a really nice review!!!):

Drawing a line between human and animal behaviors, this debut from Yardi teaches children about instinctual behaviors.

Alternating double-page spreads first show anthropomorphized animals “learning” how to do something and then the reality: “spring peepers tadpoles don’t get lessons on leaping at school, and no one has to teach them their iconic song”. A turn of the page reveals: “Mother peepers lay a lot of lovely eggs and hop away. Little tad poles just know what to do, all on their own”.

Klein’s artwork is the real draw though. The anthropomorphized scenes will certainly elicit chuckles from both adult and child readers…

(Sigh) I just love that last part.

Anyway, as for the Book Signings (and the main reason i finally got back on the blog) the first one is going to be held this Friday, September 4, 2015, at Simple Gestures (4 White Street, St. Augustine, FL) from 5 to 9.  It is the First Friday Art Walk and always a lot of fun but this weekend is also the start of St. Augustine’s 450th Anniversary celebration, with all sorts of events and music and revelry going on downtown, and the Bridge of Lions is going to be closed, so this could either make for a very busy First Friday on “our” side of the bridge, or a real quiet one.  Either way – the invitation is extended for you to stop by and hang out with some delightfully crazy folks, look at a some amazing art (and crafts and jewelry and toys and books), not to mention enjoy some wonderful nibblees.  There are a couple shops and galleries all right therein the area so it will certainly be worth a visit.

But if you miss that signing, not to worry – i already have a few more lined up.  So mark your calendars:

* Saturday, October 3 – I will be at San Marco Books (1971 San Marco, Blvd. Jacksonville, FL) from 10 to 2 (or longer if you want to stay and schmooze).

* Saturday, October 24 – I’ll be at on the other side of the St. Augustine bridge at Anastasia Books (81-C King Street) from 11 to 1 (ditto on the schmoozing part).

* And then, the Friday right after Thanksgiving – November 27 – i will be at The Starving Artist (28 Cuna Street, St. Augustine, FL)  from 11 to 4.  Santa Claus is also expected to make an appearance so i JUST KNOW you’ll want to stop by then (children’s books and Santa – what could be better)!!

Of course if i pop up anywhere else i will be sure add the dates, but this is a good start.  And a nice reason to finally get back to the blog (now if i can only just keep up the momentum).

I’ll keep you posted.



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