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Illustrations of Laurie Allen Klein


I love books and that passion began at a very, very young age. If there wasn't someone reading to me, I was making up stories of my own and drawing the pictures to go along with them, so for me words and art are indelibly linked. Whether illustrating children's picture books, adult and young adult novels, magazine articles, activity books or field guides, I enjoy the process of bringing words to life. more


I was never without a pencil or a piece of paper growing up. I have some of my first sketches, dating back to the dawn of time and drawn on all sorts of random scratch paper (paper place mats were a particular favorite) and I can still recall the stories I made up about them. Even now, there is a story behind every picture and I simply have to share it. In #2 pencil, charcoal, color pencil, paint, ink or scratchboard - the right image, in the right style, can illuminate, enhance, clarify, explain, or entertain. That is the definition of illustration - and that is why I draw. more


There is something wonderfully satisfying - and fun - about painting on the large scale. A 22' wall featuring a life size beluga whale and calf or a 7' x 21' paining (on stretched canvas) of Florida flora & fauna. I love turning blank walls into unexpected landscapes. For a school, business, exhibit or home - all it takes is a little paint.more


This is where art and illustration can be used outside the traditional confines of books or paintings. Visual interpretations generated out of a variety of brainstorming sessions on a wide range of subjects - big and small. Taking a hypothesis from abstract theory to rough proposal to finished product, using art and imagination in unexpected and intriguing ways. more

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